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Fifty clothing



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Fifty dollar collection

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Behind the collection

fifty dollar collection is made for people who don't sit still and want to live their life to the fullest. with the help of material and money. the opposite of our drop that we dropped evenly. the worldwide collection, that stands for living life to the fullest without needing the money. the griptape is limited to 1,000 pieces not one small number. because we want to see everyone skate with this grip tape! everyone should get the chance it's not a collector's item like the rest.

Materials and more

griptape is made for every size skateboard so a one size. it is made with a grained edge that provides a good grip while skateboarding. the other side is made of an adhesive edge that you need to stick on your skateboard and that ensures that it sticks to your skateboard. everything is of the best quality you will ever feel in the skate world

size information 

the griptape is made for every size skateboard 

one size 9x33 (Almost every size) 



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